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Getting a boot in the face or a pint of warm beer thrown over you from a distance is all part and parcel of the Festival mosh pit experience. Artists performing on stage get so wrapped up in the music and the electricity of the crowd that they try to connect with the fans by diving on top of them, which does not seem the cleverest of ideas, but spontaneity wins the day. It is then the job of the burly security staff to pull the artists back to safety. Many hard core performers have been exponents of the crowd surf, like Eddie Vedder and Iggy Pop, but also includes less likely artists such as Lady Gaga and Beyonce.
The Pokerface singer Lady Gaga cut her crowd surfing teeth at Lollapalooza festival in 2010. Excited fans took advantage of the moment and groped the half-naked singer as she was carried around above them. Loolapalooza seems to have this effect on women, as Juliette Lewis did the same manoeuvre at the event which is held in Chicago every year, except she acted out her jump way back in 2007.
The long-haired rock god of Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder, made crowd surfing an art form. His style of music is much more suited to the idea of crowd surfing, considering his aggression and the predominantly male following of his band. One of Eddie Vedder's most daring jumps was at a festival in Holland in 1992, when he climbed on top of a camera rig which moved into position above the crowd. He jumped off the TV crane from an impressive height and pandemonium followed, as the crowd swayed and lurched to try and get a touch of their hero.
Beyonce was much more dignified however when she had her crowd surfing incident at the O2 arena during a Michael Jackson tribute. The Destiny's Child singer was in the middle of Halo when she was lifted into the crowd momentarily, before coming back to the stage graciously as if nothing had occurred. She is much too professional to lose her cool. But it shows crowd surfing is here to stay, and has become a part of mainstream shows.

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