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Are you planning to attend a music festival or concert? Do you lack the correct outfit or simply don't know what to wear? Here are a few options to help ladies deal with the dilemma. Though most music festivals are organised in the summer; before thinking of what to wear, check out the weather forecast – just in case. This may be your saviour when the weather changes.
On a sunny day, wear a dress made from light material or skimpy shorts that will help reduce the heat. For the foot wear, look for an open sandal. A funky hat would be perfect so that you don't burn your face or strain your eyes whilst looking at the sun. Also make sure you don't forget your sunglasses. Remember to wear plenty of sun cream because you are going to spend hours on end outside.
Since you are going to be outdoors; there is a high chance of chilly winds and even rain. It is a wise idea to get a headband to hold your hair in place, you can make it work with your outfit by matching it with the dress. If the weather is cool or you expect it to be cooler, avoid shorter and light clothes. Go for the casual ‘boyfriend' kind of jeans, a top made from relatively heavy material and a scarf. For those who are badly affected by cold weather, you can opt to carry a cardigan just in case.
Perhaps the most important item of clothing to take to a festival, especially if there is a chance of rain, is wellington boots. Wellies can be your knight in shining armour when those pesky grey clouds turn ‘el tempesto'.
Avoid wearing costly jewellery or carrying your most expensive accessories. It is never a good idea to take costly things with you when going to a music festival or concert. The reason simply is, in case of confusion, you are bound to lose the things.
For the non-single ladies, you might as well be thinking of what he will wear to the concert. For men it is pretty much easy, just a pair of shorts and a T-shirt would do.

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