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Music Festivals seem to be on the up and up, superficially at least, as it seems a new festivals sprout up from nowhere at an alarming rate. There has never been such a range and choice for the paying public to invest their hard earned cash in.
Yet new research carried out by YouGov suggests otherwise. In the recent SixthSense Music Festivals report, it was indicated that just a fraction of people who went to music festivals last year will go again this year. This figure stands at a staggering 50% who say that ‘don't expect to go to a festival in 2012'.
The evidence has worrying implications for the British economy, as well as festivals everywhere, as attendances for 2012 will shrink far below those numbers in 2011, and therefore less money will be spent. Of all UK festival-goers tested in the survey over half (51%) admitted that they had visited a festival in the last year, ranging from Glastonbury to more boutique festivals like Kendal Calling.
Much of this downturnImage By: welovethesky points to one factor, people tightening their belts during the economic downturn (39% said the recession played a factor). However, for 45% of UK festival-goers, the credit crunch has had no effect on them going out and buying tickets for festivals that they want to go to.
James McCoy, researcher for YouGov, commented on the findings saying: “While financial constraints may curtail the number going to festivals this year, factors within the industry itself should also be taken into account. For instance, the absence of a Glastonbury Festival is particularly significant. It's the flagship UK music festival and the most visible expression of festival culture, occupying a key place in the UK psyche.”
These findings were tallied after an online survey between November 18-28 2011, and the number of participants reached 1114 UK adults aged 16+, all of whom have visited at least one music festival in Britain in their lifetime.

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