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UK festivals are always serious fun. Aside from the possibility of Trench Foot and the appalling condition of the toilets, there's always a good line-up and a great atmosphere. No matter what your taste of music is, there's always a festival that caters for you. And with the big Daddy of Festivals – that's Glastonbury, in case you were wondering – taking a year off for the Olympics, maybe this year, it's time to go to a different one. Who knows? You might even get a different variant of Trench Foot. Now there's something to talk about when you go home.Image By: welovethesky
Download is the UK's biggest and most well-known rock festival, and its tenth year is going to be good. With veteran rockers The Prodigy and Black Sabbath headlining the events, as well as Chase & Status, Machine Head and Tenacious D, fans of all types of rock are bound to be pleased. Download takes place in June, and tickets are already on sale.
The Reading Festival is a three-day event which takes place in August. The line-up hasn't been released yet, and rumours are flying around naming all sorts of bands. But seeing that this festival had Muse headlining last year, we can be sure of only one thing – whoever headlines, it's going to be good.
Cheltenham Racecourse this year plays host to the almighty Greenbelt. It may look like any other festival, with its campsites and stages and mud and useless toilet facilities. But Greenbelt is different – it's a place where art and faith collide, featuring Christian bands and Christian art. It attracts the biggest names in Christian music, as well as other more mainstream performers. Considering U2 have played there, you'd be foolish to rule this one out.

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