Ed Sheeran Discusses Upcoming Wembley Shows

Ed Sheeran has spoken out about what fans can expect from his upcoming run of three shows at the iconic Wembley Stadium.

Watch our video interview with Ed Sheeran below

The 'Thinking Out Loud' chart-topper was speaking to Gigwise fresh from winning the Ivor Novello Award for Songwriter Of The Year, after being presented with the prize from Sir Elton John. His next challenge? Play three huge shows at Wembley. 

"I think the key is that it hasn't been done before, and that will be the intriguing thing," Sheeran told Gigwise. "Even if it's totally shit, it will still be a spectacle."

"I've spent a fair bit of money on making it look good, so it's going to look good and sound good, and the show's going to work. If you're a fan of me, you'll like it. But I imagine that people who aren't fans of me who are sent to review it, probably won't."

Watch our video interview with Ed Sheeran below

Ed Sheeran's Wembley Stadium dates are below. For tickets and more information, visit here.

The full line up for each show will be:

Friday 10 July
Ed Sheeran
Foy Vance

Saturday 11 July
Ed Sheeran

Sunday 12 July
Ed Sheeran

Thom Yorke Contributes New Music To Australian Exhibition

Thom Yorke has contributed new music to an Australian exhibition of Stanley Donwood paintings.

Held in Sydney's Carriageworks and presented by Semi Permanent, Stanley Donwood: The Panic Office featuring artwork including his remarkable collaborations with the band since they began collaborating in 1994. The exhibition features thousands of artwork from OK Computer, Kid A, Amnesiac, Hail to the Thief, In Rainbows and The King of Limbs

The art will be accompanied by a bespoke soundtrack composed by Thom Yorke of unreleased material. As described by Triple J it promises "an eerie mix of ambient textures, experimental sounds, and field recordings titled 'Subterranea'". The soundtrack is played over three levels over the entire exhibition played out over three levels.

There are currenly no plans to release the music meaning that you can only experience it at the Panic Office in Australia until 6 June. Apparently "no minute is the same over the 18 days" possibly inviting the chance for multi visits.

Donwood’s most recent Radiohead collaboration was on the Polyfauna app, which showcased music from Thom Yorke’s latest LP, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes.

The band are currently working on the new Radiohead album and complaining about the newly formed Conservative government. His bandmate Jonny Greenwood teased fans with further vague updates about the band's long awaited follow up to their 2011 LP King of Limbs in February.

In an interview with The Sunday Guardian, Greenwood mainly spoke about the band's recording sessions of late, saying that they have "done a couple months recording" which have "gone really well".

He continued to outline the new approach the band are taking with regards to recording the LP, saying: "We've certainly changed our method again. It's too involved [to explain how]. We're kind of limiting ourselves; working in limits. So we'll see what happens. It's like we're trying to use very old and very new technology together to see what happens."  

Manics To Celebrate 20th Anniversary Of Everything Must Go?

Manic Street Preachers bassist Nicky Wire has hinted that the band may do something special to mark the 20th anniversary of Everything Must Go in 2016. Watch our interview with Wire below. 

The Manics released their fourth album Everything Must Go in 1996 - their first to achieve true mainstream success, seeing them achieve critical acclaim, landing them in the top five albums chart and containing the smash singles 'A Design For Life', 'Australia', 'Kevin Carter' and the title track. They released a deluxe expanded edition of the album to mark it's 10th anniversary in 2006. 

Now, as the band prepare to wrap up touring for the anniversary of the seminal The Holy Bible, Wire tells Gigwise that they may have more special plans in store for next year. 

"Maybe we'll never do another one," Wire told Gigwise of their plans for a new album. "Futurology was such a brilliant sumation of who we are, who knows? Everything Must Go is 20 years old next year as well, so we might even just do a couple of gigs doing that. I think we need to replenish our inspiration, you know?" 

When quizzed on his plans for the summer after touring, Wire said: "Back to the bedroom, trying to write some ideas, read lots of books and watch lots of films. Hopefully something will happen. If not, I'll just be raiding the archives for Everything Must Go 20!"

Watch our interview with Nicky Wire of Manic Street Preachers below

Meanwhile, as well as performing at On Blackheath and Latitude festival this summer, Manic Street Preachers will be hitting the road to perform The Holy Bible in full at the following dates. For tickets and more information, visit here

30 May EDINBURGH, Usher Hall
1 June WOLVERHAMPTON, Civic Hall
2 June SOUTHAMPTON, Guildhall
5 June CARDIFF, Castle

Radio One Loses Almost One Million Listeners In 2015

Latest Radio One reports show listener figures at a record low for the show, with the station losing out on a huge 830,000 in 2015.

As reported by The Guardian, listener figures for the station are continuing to drop since Nick Grimshaw was announced as the new Breakfast Show presenter on Radio 1 in 2012 replacing Chris Moyles.

Last year's reports showed the host losing half a million listeners but gaining 130,000 listeners under 25, this has been continued into 2015 with almost 90 percent of the dip occuring within the over 30s.

This was feigned as an intentional and expected loss by Ben Cooper who is the controller of the station: "Since Radio 1 has been completely focused on younger audiences – and the most common age of a Radio 1 listener is 21 – it was highly likely some older listeners would move on, like the half a million over-30s that left us this quarter. Going on to say, "I'm pleased that Grimmy is doing what I’ve asked of him by keeping his young audience happy and scaring off the over-30s."

The station has received a recent plummet due to the loss of Zane Lowe earlier this year, with Fearne Cotton set to give up her slot in her last show today (May 22).


Queen: 'We Are Interested In Headlining Glastonbury'

Brian May has expressed Queen’s interest in headlining Glastonbury festival but stresses he wouldn't perform it without Adam Lambert.

Speaking to Bang Showbiz, May expressed his desires at the Ivor Novello awards yesterday (May 21) explaining that they 'probably' won't be appearing at the festival this year but would want to perform it in the future:

"Look these things get put on the table, it would be interesting to do Glastonbury if we were an operational unit at the time," said May. "You see this year Adam's off doing his solo work at the moment so it wouldn't have worked. You only look at things that are possible logistically at the time."

Lambert seems to have immersed himself into his role in Queen as a replacement for Freddie Mercury who died in 1991, he has been performing with the group since 2012. May has previously described the American Idol singer as "a gift from God" in Classic Rock, going on to say, "Adam is the first person we've encountered who can perform the Queen catalogue without blinking."

Watch our video interview with Brian May below

May appears on Adam Lambert's forthcoming solo album The Original High on the track 'Lucy' which is released 12 June. 

Adam Lambert recently previewed another track from The Original Hugh entitled 'Underground'. Speaking to Digital Spy, he hinted that his new LP is  "definitely pop" and also mentioned that "there's some house on there" as well as "some R&B flavours".

Brandon Flowers Joined On Stage By Chrissie Hynde At Brixton

Brandon Flowers was joined on stage by special guest Chrissie Hynde at his headline show at London's Brixton Academy last night (Thursday 21 May). Watch footage, photos and the setlist from their performance below. 

Inviting the legend on stage for an encore following an already stellar set of stellar cuts from his two solo albums as well as re-imagined Killers' classics, Hynde and Flowers performed an epic rendition of The Pretenders' 'Don't Get Me Wrong' as well as Flowers' own 'Between Me And You'. 

"One of the funny things that happens when you're doing interviews and things, is that journalists will pick up on certain little things and they'll just run with it, and then the next journalist will just run with it," Flowers told the London crowd. "One of my biggest regrets over the years is that when people mentions The Killers, they don't mention that we're influenced by The Pretenders.

"We've definitely spoken about it in relation to this band, and we have a little treat tonight..."

Watch them perform 'Don't Get Me Wrong' below

Watch them perform 'Between Me And You' below

Brandon Flowers played:
Dreams Come True
Can't Deny My Love
Hard Enough
Jenny Was a Friend of Mine (The Killers song)
Lonely Town
I Can Change
Read My Mind (The Killers song)
Swallow It
Only the Young
Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)
Don't Get Me Wrong (The Pretenders cover) (with Chrissie Hynde)
Between Me and You (with Chrissie Hynde) (Live Debut)
Still Want You
The Way It's Always Been

Watch Gigwise's full video interview with Brandon Flowers below

Brandon Flowers' remaining EU and UK tour dates are below. For tickets and more information, visit here.

Brandon Flowers will play:

May 22, 2015 - O2 Academy Brixton - London, England, United Kingdom
May 24, 2015 - Academy- Manchester, England, United Kingdom
May 25, 2015 - Usher Hall - Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
May 26, 2015 - O2 Academy - Leeds, England, United Kingdom
May 28, 2015 - O2 Academy - Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
May 29, 2015 - Le Trianon Hall - Paris, France
May 31, 2015 - Huxley’s - Berlin, Germany
June 1, 2015 - Paradiso - Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 2, 2015 - Ancienne Belgique - Brussels, Belgium
June 3, 2015 - E-Werk - Cologne, Germany
June 5, 2015 - Fabrique - Milan, Italy
June 7, 2015 - Debaser Medis - Stockholm, Sweden 

Roger Daltrey Threatens To Quit Gig Due To Weed Smoking Audience

Roger Daltrey threatened to cancel a gig in New York after a member of the audience was began smoking weed.

Daltrey is extremely allergic to pot smoke and is naturally concerned with delivering the grandiose vocal performance required of The Who's back catalogue. According to Newsday, Daltrey's performance at Nassau Colliseum was noticably hampered as the smoke too hold: “The smoke’s impact was almost immediate on his voice, which went from crystal clear and potent for the opening ‘I Can’t Explain’ to something rougher and more limited during ‘I Can See for Miles.'”

As Consequence Of Sound show, Daltrey confronted the audience member and threatened to walk off stage unless the joint was extinguished The show then continued as planned.

Below: Watch Roger Daltrey challenge smokers in the audience in New York 

The Who are headlining Glastonbury this year and will be returning to Worthy Farm for the first time since 2007 when they also played the Sunday closing set. “It’s great to be ending this part of a 50 year career at the most prestigious and respected music festival in the world," said Daltrey of the announcement. "We'll do our best to close this years event with a bang, unless of course the fireworks get wet!"

They are also set to play British SummerTime in Hyde Park. For the final date on the band's huge Who Hits 50 tour, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend will be joined by Paul Weller, Kaiser Chiefs, Johny Marr, former Supergrass frontman Gaz Coombes, Weller-approved mod throwbacks The Rifles and the endlessly quoatable duo Sleaford Mods. Barclaycard presents British Summer Time takes place on Friday 26 June.

Roger Daltrey has previously described the show as “the beginning of the long goodbye". This will be the fourth time the band have played Hyde Park (three times as headliners and once as part of Live 8). "It's always a good gig," Daltrey has said of the central London setting. "It's got nice grass, beautiful trees."

He added: "I remember doing it with an eye patch holding my eye in when we did Quadrophenia, that was a nightmare. We had a quarter of a million people coming the next day and I've got a fractured cheekbone. How we did that show I'll never know."

For tickets see below and more information visit here.

Brian May On Adam Lambert + New Queen Material

Brian May has opened up about the potential of a new album from Queen, and the likelihood of them recording with touring singer and American Idol, Adam Lambert. 

Watch our video interview with Brian May below

The Queen guitar legend was speaking to Gigwise at the 2015 Ivor Novello Awards, where we asked him how, if at all, new material might be coming along the adopted member and pop sensation.  

"It's not coming along, no we're not doing that," May told Gigwise. "Not at the moment anyway, we might do. At the moment we're watching with interest while Adam pursues his solo career, and it seems to be going very well. He's an amazing, amazing artist, and there's no getting away from that. It's very interesting to watch him develop.

"We're very conscious that he doesn't want to be with us all the time - that would be so wrong, for us to just envelop him and never let him go off and do anything else, so it's very important that his own career is progressing now. We're looking forward to being back together in September to do Rock In Rio, and some dates in Argentina and Venezuela I believe. 

Watch our video interview with Brian May below

When asked if he had been writing new songs himself, May told Gigwise: "I haven't been writing a lot, I've been very busy doing other things. From 1am to 5am in the old days, I'd be writing songs, but now I tend to be looking at what the government's doing and how I can stop them!"

Meanwhile, Adam Lambert is set to release his new album The Original High on 12 June. 

Hozier Discusses His Next Album And Collaborations

Hozier has revealed that he hopes to start working on his next album in March 2016, and also opened up about the one superstar he'd love to write a song for. 

The chart-topping Irish singer-songwriter was speaking to Gigwise at the 2015 Ivor Novello Awards, where he's nominated for Best Song Musically And Lyrically for the globe-conquering 'Take Me To Church'. 

We asked him who else he most dreams of writing a song for. 

"I was talking about Mavis Staples at one stage, and I'd love to look into that, but I'll be on tour until March of next year with no time at all," Hozier told Gigwise. 

When asked about progress on his second album, Hozier said: "I'm trying to keep writing, and I might have a couple of hours a day, if that. I am very, very eager to have time in March to sit down and work on what I've been doing."

Watch Hozier explain the story behind 'Take Me To Church' below

Responding to the current situation of fellow nominee Sam Smith who is currently recovering after vocal surgery, Hozier said: "My heart goes out to him, he's been working incredibly hard over the last few years, he hasn't had a break. I hope he has a speedy recovery."

While Hozier may well be honoured today, he did admit to being more than a little envious of some of today's other nominees: "I have to say that when I listened to Bear's Den album, a lot of tears came to the eye on a lot of those tracks. I admire the songwriting so much. A real song is something that can really touch somebody." 

Matt Bellamy Reveals Awkward Meeting With Colin Powell

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has revealed details of a rather unusual and awkward meeting with former US Secretary Of State, Colin Powell. A conspiracy theory obsessive, and a member of George Bush's administration - what could possibly go wrong?

The singer and guitarist was at the White House Correspondents Dinner three years, as guest of his then-partner and actress Kate Hudson. But what on Earth did they talk about?

“I asked him about hollow-point bullets," Bellamy told NME. “Because Homeland Security had purchased millions of them. They explode when they hit you - I think they are banned under the Geneva Convention. This was widely reported in the conspiracy press, and the question was why were they buying so many. It looked like they were preparing for massive riots.”

He continued: “And so [Colin Powell] said - it was an amazing deflection, and also a chilling insight into the military mindset - ‘When you’re out in the field and you want to shoot, you want to kill: quickly and cleanly’...And that was it… on to dessert…”

When quizzed on what it was like to meet someone in such power, Bellamy replied: “It’s hard to say in one meeting. But you know, there’s a power structure there that is intoxicating to be a part of, and I think when people get offered the chance to become a part of that, they are willing to sacrifice a part of their inner morality. It becomes a culture of peer pressure - of ‘this is how we do things around here… didn’t you know?’ And before you know it you’re making kill decisions before breakfast…”

Hear all about the 'kill switch before breakfast' on Muse's brilliant new album, Drones - released on 8 June.  

They headline Download Festival alongside Slipknot, Kiss, Marilyn Manson and many more. See here for tickets and information. Bellamy has also said that the band will be headlining Bestival in September. Read about why that will be awesome here, and for tickets and information, visit here

Foo Fighters Perform 'Everlong' On Last Ever Letterman Show

Last night the final ever episode of the legendary Late Show with David Letterman, and Foo Fighters were the show's last ever musical guests. Watch the band perform 'Everlong' below. 

In the finale of the American TV institution, the talk show and comedy national treasure saw out his 33 year run of the programme with guests Bill Murray, Tina Fey, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jim Carrey, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, Peyton Manning, and Barbara Walters.

Foo Fighters were the last ever musical guests, dressing for the occasion in black tuxedos and performing Letterman's 'favourite song by his favourite band' - 'Everlong'.

Watch footage from the show below, with the band's performance beginning around the 10 minute 45 second mark. 


The band have a long history with Letterman. They were the first band to perform on the show in 2000 after his five week break from heart surgery, at which point Letterman described them as his 'favourite band'. Not only that, but the band had a week-long residency on the show once, and Letterman's production company Worldwide Pants helped the band make their Sonic Highways documentary. 

Foo Fighters' UK stadium tour dates below. For tickets and more information, click here.

25 May – Sunderland, UK – Sunderland Stadium of Light #
27 May – Manchester, UK – Emirates Old Trafford +
30 May - Dublin, Ireland - Slane Castle %
19 June – London, UK – Wembley Stadium*
20 June – London, UK – Wembley Stadium*
23 June – Edinburgh, UK – BT Murrayfield Stadium**

% With Hozier and Kaiser Chiefs 
* With Iggy Pop and Royal Blood
** With Royal Blood and Honeyblood
# With Kaiser Chiefs
+ With Teenage Fanclub and God Damn

Matt Bellamy Opens Up About Kate Hudson + 'feeling Alone'

Matt Bellamy has spoken out about his split from actress and former-partner Kate Hudson, his teenage years after his parents split and about how Muse's upcoming album Drones was inspired by 'reconnecting with feeling alone'. 

The Muse frontman and Hudson began a relationship in 2010, before having son Bingham Hawn Bellamy in July 2011. They were engaged, but confirmed their separation in December of last year.

"Look, we had a great relationship, she’s a lovely person, we’re better off as friends," Bellamy tells NME

However, Bellamy does state that their separation had no specific influence on their upcoming album, Drones - but rather that it led him to 'reconnect with any time he felt alone or outside'.  

"It’s difficult for me to pinpoint anything on the album specifically about that," he continued. "Except that when someone suddenly finds themselves outside of a relationship, they ponder things, they think over the points in their lives when they think things didn’t go the way they expected them to.

"It’s the fact that I reconnected with all the points in my life where I felt alone or outside."

Speaking of how he re-assessed his life following their split, the singer and guitarist revealed: “I always go for walks in the countryside. The South Devon countryside… I used to go letter-boxing actually.”

(For those of you who don't know, letter-boxing is the rural hobby of searching for clues in boxes)

He also took the time to look back on his teenage years and his parents separating: “When I think about my teenage years, when my parents broke up, and feeling alone and being out of control and having to survive… And then other times when you’ve had to find your own way… that’s always been a dominant theme in what I’ve done.”

Quizzed on how he feels now, he added: "Yeah… I’m getting there. Definitely in the last few months I’ve been feeling much better. Actually, I’ve been feeling really good…”  

Bellamy had previously revealed that the single 'Dead Inside' was inspired by "a relationship ending and a person becoming dead inside themselves".

He went on: "I went very internal, very into my paranoias, weird feelings and life experiences. It’s quite personal. There isn't a lot of love on this album."

Listen to 'Mercy' by Muse below

Muse will release Drones on 8 June. They headline Download Festival alongside Slipknot, Kiss, Marilyn Manson and many more. See here for tickets and information. Bellamy has also said that the band will be headlining Bestival in September. Read about why that will be awesome here, and for tickets and information, visit here

BABYMETAL: 'We Hope To Reach The Onstage Level Of Metallica'

BABYMETAL have spoken out about the influence and inspiration of Metallica, saying that they one day hope to have the same live presence and standing as they do. 

The Japanese idol-pop-metal trio, renowned for their mindblowing choreographed, high-octane live shows, say they were humbled to meet Metallica while on tour last year - and were truly inspired by their live performance. Largely thanks to the 'metal gods'

"We never got any advice [from them], but just watching their stage we learned so much," Moametal told Rolling Stone. "They separate who they are onstage and who they are backstage. That's something we learned from them and we hope one day we'll be able to reach that kind of level onstage that Metallica has onstage. It feels like they do receive power from the metal gods when they're on because it's amazing. How much do you prepare for a tour?"

Su-Metal continued: "For this tour, we had about two weeks of rehearsal, but that's probably not enough. Just being onstage, looking at the fans reacting to us and looking at each other, we kind of support each other onstage. That's where we get our energy to go on. We see each other, we look at the fans, the fans are enjoying themselves and that's enough for us."

Watch BABYMETAL performing 'Gimme Chocolate' below

Speaking to Gigwise about their favourite metal bands, Su-Metal said: "One of the bands is obviously Metallica. The first real metal band we saw live was Metallica. The first time we met them, they were just really nice old folks, they we went to watch them and they were totally different to the guys we saw on stage.

"Their aura and stage presence had such a real impact on me. I was like 'this is real metal'."

Both BABYMETAL and Metallica will be performing at Reading & Leeds Festival this August. For tickets and information on Reading, visit here and for Leeds visit here

God Damn To Support Foo Fighters In Manchester

As Foo Fighters warm up to kick off their massive UK stadium tour, it has been announced that rising rock duo God Damn will be supporting them in Manchester. Full dates and ticket details are below. 

God Damn are enjoying waves of critical success after releasing their awesome debut album, Vultures. Now, they're joining the likes of Royal Blood, Iggy Pop and Kaiser Chiefs in being given the opportunity to open for the Foos on one of their massive dates

They'll be joining Teenage Fanclub in supporting Dave Grohl and co at the Emirates Old Trafford Stradium on 27 May. To celebrate, they shared the following photo: 

Watch God Damn's video for 'Vultures' below

Foo Fighters' UK stadium tour dates below. For tickets and more information, click here.

25 May – Sunderland, UK – Sunderland Stadium of Light #
27 May – Manchester, UK – Emirates Old Trafford +
30 May - Dublin, Ireland - Slane Castle %
19 June – London, UK – Wembley Stadium*
20 June – London, UK – Wembley Stadium*
23 June – Edinburgh, UK – BT Murrayfield Stadium**

% With Hozier and Kaiser Chiefs 
* With Iggy Pop and Royal Blood
** With Royal Blood and Honeyblood
# With Kaiser Chiefs
+ With Teenage Fanclub and God Damn

Lorde On Manager Split: 'Hey Men, Don't Underestimate Me'

Lorde has spoken out for the first time after news emerged that she's parted ways with her manager, Scott Maclachlan, saying, "hey, men - do me and yourselves a favour, and don't underestimate my skill."

The singer was 'discovered' by Maclachlan in 2008 at the age of 11, and had been under his managerial guidance ever since - but the New Zealand Herald reported this week that the pair split around a month ago.

Lorde's photo has been removed from the website of Maclachlan's company, Saiko Management, but neither he nor Lorde had publicly spoken about it until now.

Taking to Twitter last night, Lorde wrote, "hey, men - do me and yourselves a favour and don't underestimate my skill."

Her response was probably prompted by comment pieces such as that of The Guardian's Eamonn Forde, who wrote a piece titled "Oh Lorde, pray leaving your manager wasn't a mistake." In it he wrote, "Simultaneously, the artist’s judgment is liable to decline exponentially as their self-obsession races into the stratosphere. It is very easy to get caught up in the hysteria and think the success will never end." 

The singer also favourited a series of tweets by Twitter user @worried_mind, which said, "Music writing isn't sports writing, you don't need to report on the ramifications of a manager being dropped or speculate on the next album. You can't critique art that hasn't happened."

Meanwhile, Lorde is currently working on her second album, the follow-up to 2013's Pure Heroine.

Dutch Uncles Are Set To Support Garbage On Tour

Dutch Uncles have been announced as the support act for Garbage's hugely ancitipated '20 Years Queer' tour. Full dates and ticket details are below. 

As previously reported, Garbage have announced a tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their self titled debut album and have now revealed who will be joining them on their European jaunt.

Posting about the news on Facebook, Garbage revealed: "Loving this video from Dutch Uncles. We're all excited to announce that they'll be opening up all of our European ‪#‎20YearsQueer‬ shows. (except Moscow)." 

Watch Dutch Uncles' video for 'Flexxin' below

Dutch Uncles recently released O Shudder, their fourth album in February. A career highlight, it tackled everything from social media to terrible job interviews - but never forgot to include some massive choruses in the process.

Garbage were one of the most successful rock acts of the nineties - with Garbage selling over four million copies and going double platinum in the UK, US, Australia and Canada. The album, famed for it's bright pink feather artwork, spawned a string of hits including 'I'm Only Happy When It Rains', 'Stupid Girl' and 'Queer'. 

Shirley Manson, Butch Vig and co. will so far play one date in Paris and one in London with more dates looking set to be announced. For tickets and more information, visit here

Garbage will play:

31 October, Palladium, Koln
2 November, Store Vega, Copenhagen
5 November, Forest National, Brussels
7 November, Zenith, La Villette - Paris
8 November, O2 Academy, Brixton - London
9 November, O2 Academy, Brixton - London

Taylor Swift Shares Failed Stunt From 'Bad Blood' Video

Taylor Swift has shared footage of a failed stunt from her blockbuster 'Bad Blood' video, which sees the 1989 superstar smashing through a wall. Watch footage of the incident below. 

The video, featuring an action-packed plot and all-star cast of Kendrick Lamar, Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding, Cara Delevingne, Lena Dunham, Hailee Steinfeld, Hayley Williams and more, sees Swifty also do her own stunts - and not all of them went according to plan. 

In a rather painful looking video, she's seen smashing through a wall before falling to the floor and telling cast and crew "I forgot to keep running...but I'm fine." 

Watch footage of the incident below


Go to 1:42 of the #BadBloodMusicVideo to see the take where I got it right. This, however, was the first take. #stuntFAIL

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

She did, as she points out, eventually get it right - at the 1 minute 42 second point of the video, which you can see below. 

Taylor Swift is set to headline the Radio One's Big Weekend in Norwich this weekend.

She is also set to headline at Barclaycard British Summertime, alongside Ellie Goulding, John Newman, Vance Joy (who is supporting her on the rest of the 1989 tour), Rae Morris, JP Cooper, Lauren Aquilina, Laura Doggett, Sheppard, Jamie Lawson and Iris Gold. The event takes place at Hyde Park on 27 June. For tickets and more information about Taylor Swift's gig at Barclaycard British Summer Time visit here.

Muse Confirmed To Perform On The Graham Norton Show

Muse have been confirmed to appear as musical guests on The Graham Norton Show next month, to promote their upcoming new album Drones. 

The band, who will also headline BBC Radio One's Big Weekend and Download Festival in the month ahead, will appear alongside fellow guests Amy Schumer, Samuel L Jackson and Stephen Merchant on the 5 June edition of the BBC Chat Show. 

Muse are reported to be performing their brand new single 'Mercy' - on the Friday before Drones is released. 

"The opening line of 'Mercy - ‘help me I’ve fallen on the inside' - is a reference to the protagonist knowing and recognising that they have lost something, they have lost themselves," said frontman Matt Bellamy of the track. "This is where he realises that he is being overcome by the dark forces that were introduced to him in 'Psycho'."

Listen to 'Mercy' by Muse below

Muse will release Drones on 8 June - and fans should be quite excited, especially after Bellamy declared that it was their best album yet

They headline Download Festival alongside Slipknot, Kiss, Marilyn Manson and many more. See here for tickets and information. Bellamy has also said that the band will be headlining Bestival in September. Read about why that will be awesome here, and for tickets and information, visit here

Johnny Flynn, George Mackay To Star In The Kinks Biopic

Julien Temple has revealed his plans to direct a biopic of The Kinks starring Johnny Flynn, George MacKay and Juno Temple.

The band celebrated their 50th anniversary last year with the release of a career-spanning anthology, complete with liner notes from David Bowie. Now, their legacy will be extended further with a new film, titled You Really Got Me after (of course) one of their most iconic songs.

Julien Temple, who directed Sex Pistols mockumentary The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle and documentary Glastonbury, is on board to direct the film, which will reportedly focus on the tumultuous relationship between Ray and Dave Davies.

Johnny Flynn, the singer-songwriter who recently starred alongside Anne Hathaway in Song One, and is also set to appear in Clouds Of Sils Maria, will portray Ray Davies, while George MacKay, of Pride and Sunshine On Leith, will play his brother Dave. Juno Temple, the director's daughter who's had roles in Atonement, Notes On A Scandal, St. Trinians and Horns, will play Ray's former wife and sometime band member Rasa Davies.

Speaking to Screen Daily, director Julien Temple said, "This is an exciting chance to tell The Kinks' story in a visceral and real way. The lyrics of The Kinks have always been fascinating to me and there is an amazing human story here as well which has yet to be captured on film."

The Kinks, who were famously banned from the US for nearly five years at the height of their fame, have sold an estimated 50 million albums worldwide.

Recent Hit Single Lyrics Average At An 8 Year Old's Reading Level

The lyrics to hit singles over the past 10 years have been analysed in a new study which finds No.1 singles averaging at a Year 4, Key Stage 2 reading level.

The likes of Beyonce, Kanye West, Foo Fighters, Eminem are the subject of the study carried out by Andrew Powell-Morse which reveal the descreasing intelligence levels in songwriting over the past decade. Morse analysed 225 songs which spent more than 3 weeks in America's Billboard charts in the genres of Pop, Rock, Country and Hip-Hop.

Artists in the 2005 era were shown to be producing lyrics of a 3rd grade (Year 4) reading level, whilst in 2014 it has dropped to 2nd Grade (Year 3). Check out the decline of lyrical intelligence throughout the last decade in the chart below:

Country music came out on top as the most intelligent genre scoring a 3.3, with Pop (2.9), Rock (2.9) and Hip-Hop (2.6) following behind.

In terms of smartest rock songs, Red Hot Chili Peppers' 'Dani California' came out top scoring a 5.5 with the likes of Katy Perry's 'Wide Awake' and Maroon 5's 'Moves Like Jagger' falling to the bottom of worst scoring songs overall. You can take a look at the full study and more charts at Seatsmart.

Listen to the smartest rock song of the past decade below: 

Eminem came in as the top-scoring artist in the Hip-Hop genre, whilst Nickleback topped the Rock genre, Mariah Carey came out the best in Pop.You can take a look at the full study and more charts at Seatsmart.